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Memory Support

Memory Care at The Artesian

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia impact not only the person with the condition, but also his or her family members. The Artesian of Ojai specializes in assisted living and memory support services that stimulate cognitive function and slow the progression of dementia. Our highly trained team members will help ease the burden that falls upon family when functional abilities are compromised. We provide services that help your loved one maintain a lifestyle that is as independent as possible, while also providing care that allows him or her to lead a fulfilling life with dignity and respect.

Care Created for Each Individual

The Artesian of Ojai’s professionals provides individualized memory support services that are determined by a comprehensive assessment. Each resident has a caregiver who we call a “guide” charged with shepherding each resident through his or her daily routine. The consistent presence of the guide builds trust and confidence and a heightened level of comfort for each resident. Over time, the “guide” is able to determine a perfect balance between support and independence. By noticing any changes in behavior exhibited by the resident, the guide is able to adjust the care plan and activity program accordingly.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Dementia Patients

Maintaining an active lifestyle can have far-reaching benefits for individuals with cognitive limitations. Team members at The Artesian of Ojai organize a wide variety of activities to keep residents active and promote physical wellbeing. Our Wellness Center offers fitness classes, nature walks, and information regarding proactive steps to take to delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Among the benefits associated with physical activity are improved mental alertness and cognitive functioning, reduced restlessness and wandering, and improved sleep habits. Physical activity can also reduce the risk of depression in those with cognitive challenges, therefore, our activity programming includes a healthy amount of movement and exercise.

Activities Take Place Throughout Each Day to Meet Unique Needs

In addition to physical activities, we schedule an array of social events designed to stimulate cognitive and emotional function. Our activity areas are perfect for staging games and indoor activities as well as providing space for musical therapy, art classes and entertainment. The arts, which are especially strong in Ojai, have a positive effect on cognitive function while the emotional benefits gained from interacting with others help each resident live a happier, more engaging life.

Using Technology to Provide a Safe, Open Environment

Residents in The Artesian of Ojai’s memory support community are free to live an independent lifestyle under the guidance of a licensed nurse and trained caregivers. Free movement is encouraged among all of our residents including those with cognitive limitations. For those situations where elopement is a risk, wearable pendants are provided. These pendants function symbiotically with a delayed egress system at each doorway alerting staff to unusual or unsupervised movement. As a result, our residents can move freely throughout our assisted living and memory support communities while still being monitored by our team.

Trust Us to Provide Superior Memory Support

The memory support program at The Artesian of Ojai is designed to keep residents active, engaged, and social. The activities developed and promoted by our team members stimulate physical, cognitive, and emotional function to help our residents maintain an independent lifestyle. Our memory support communities support the wellbeing of each resident and offer common areas and dwelling units that are both functional and comfortable. The ultimate goal of our memory support program is to provide supportive services to residents so that they can lead purposeful lives with dignity and respect.
Contact us today to learn more about our memory support services at the Artesian of Ojai.

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