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Assisted Living

Personalized Assisted Living Services at The Artesian

The Artesian of Ojai aims to provide dignity, encourage engagement, and maintain a high quality of life for seniors. We strive to create an environment that promotes independence in a comfortable, safe setting. Our assisted living community in Ojai, CA features individual homes that allow each resident to maintain his or her independent lifestyle but also includes services to assist with social interaction, personalized care and physical wellbeing. We want to facilitate a seamless transition from home to our community and by providing individualized attention to help each resident thrive. 

Our goal is to offer each resident the personalized services that will

allow the continuation of a healthy and purposeful life.

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What Is Assisted Living Like at The Artesian of Ojai?

The Artesian of Ojai is committed to delivering individualized care based on the needs of each resident. To foster strong caregiver-resident relationships, we pair each resident with a personal “guide.” Each guide will work with a resident on a regular basis providing assistance with grooming and hygiene, coordinating activities, attending meals, and receiving medical care. Each of our caregiver-resident relationships is based on trust that is developed over time through mutual understanding. Our highly-trained team members aim to provide a perfect balance between support and independence.

The Artesian of Ojai Employs
Highly Trained Team Members

Team members include a licensed nurse that supervises the care needs of each resident. The daily routine of residents is managed by a support staff of “guides”. Our guides complete 40 hours of pre-training and 20 hours of additional training annually. They often become a part of our residents’ extended families with relationships forged on respect and trust. Our team takes a careful approach to supporting residents’ comfort and independence in their assisted living home while still providing the medical care that they require. If there is ever a medical emergency, each apartment has a 24-hour call system to meet immediate needs.

We Promote Active Engagement Among Assisted Living Residents

An element of wellness and health that often gets overlooked is maintaining a life of engagement and purpose. The health benefits from a purposeful lifestyle are immeasurable, which is why we work tirelessly to promote active participation among residents. We create an individual profile for each resident by considering answers to a short questionnaire about health history, habits, hobbies, recreational preferences, and emotional status. Based on the results, we will pair residents with activities that are meaningful to them. Our activity areas support games, art classes, musical therapy, and entertainment.

Our Focus on Health Goes Beyond Treatment Solutions

At The Artesian we are proponents of living a healthy lifestyle. We take a proactive approach to illness and injury prevention, with the wellbeing of our residents a key focus of our programming. We offer on-site physical, occupational and speech therapies via our partnership with local home health agencies. We strive to keep residents engaged and informed through our fitness classes, nature walks, and discussions about disease prevention among other initiatives.


Our Nutritional Experts Help Devise Healthy Diet Plans

Among the many elements of The Artesian of Ojai’s individualized care is the emphasis we place on good nutrition.  Our menus ensure nutritious meal options for residents. Our culinary staff assist in the preparation of healthy meals and snacks using fresh ingredients in each of our kitchens every day.

Weekly Housekeeping and Laundry Services

To support an independent lifestyle the Artesian of Ojai offers weekly housekeeping and linen services to each resident. Our team members make sure that sheets are fresh and rooms are clean so residents can focus on participating in community life and spending time with their neighbors.

Choose The Artesian of Ojai for Unrivaled Assisted Living

The Artesian of Ojai has cultivated an environment that promotes the health, wellness, and independence of each resident. Our personalized care plans allow every resident to live a purposeful life full of relationships, personal interests, and recreation. Our assisted living community was designed with comfort in mind, allowing our seniors to live life to the fullest extent possible. 

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