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The Language Of Dementia

Updated: Apr 30

When interacting with a loved one with dementia, families benefit in tremendous ways when they use a specialized approach called “therapeutic communication”.  This approach focuses on connecting emotionally, validating feelings, and promoting a sense of comfort and security for your loved one.  The following are some therapeutic communication strategies that we use here at The Artesian of Ojai Senior Living:


Validation:  Acknowledging the person’s feelings and experiences without judgment, even when their feelings are not reality based.


Empathy: Understanding and sharing the individual’s emotions, offering comfort and support.


Redirecting:  Gently guiding the conversation or activity to a more positive or calming topic if the person becomes agitated or upset.


Reminiscence:  Encouraging the person to share memories and stories from their past, which can promote a sense of identity and connection.


Affirmation:  Offering praise and encouragement for even small accomplishments or efforts.


Simplification:  Using clear, straightforward language and avoiding complex explanations or instructions.


Nonverbal Cues:  Using body language, facial expressions and touch to convey warmth, reassurance and understanding.


Patience and flexibility:  Allowing the person time to respond and being adaptable to their changing needs and abilities.


Respect and dignity:  Treating the person with dignity, respect, and kindness even in challenging situations.


Consistency:  Providing a consistent and predictable environment and routine, which can help reduce confusion and anxiety.


Families and caregivers who use therapeutic communication can make a significant difference in the life of a person with dementia. 


Learn More about Senior Living

At The Artesian of Ojai Senior Living, we offer a range of care options both in Assisted Living and in Memory Care, providing unparalleled well-being, comfort and peace of mind for residents and their families. To learn more about our community, visit our website or call for a tour at (805) 798 – 9305.

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